What to Expect

What to Expect

It’s all about Jesus.

39 You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me – John 5:39 (ESV)

Whether you are exploring faith, returning to faith, or just looking for a new church home, we believe Jesus is calling people from all walks of life to hear the good news and be saved. Jesus is at the center of everything we do. We believe that He is the only way to the Father, and that everyone who believes in Him will be saved. We don’t want anything to get in the way of you hearing that message, so here’s what you can expect when you show up on a Sunday:

Do I have to dress up?

Nope! There’s no requirement to dress fancy; feel free to wear whatever you are most comfortable with. Most people dress casually.

Is the coffee free?

You bet! We want you to feel welcome and at home with us, so we’d love to offer you freshly brewed coffee, served by our Cafe team. Feel free to bring it in with you to your seat for the service!

What’s the music like?

One of the main ways we worship together is through song, singing and declaring who Jesus is and all He has done. Our music is led by a band, and the lyrics are shown on some screens. If the music is a little loud, we have ear plugs available!

What’s the preaching like?

We believe the Bible is God’s Word, and it always points to Jesus as the answer. We preach expositionally through books of the Bible, going chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse, line-by-line, not skipping over any difficult parts. You can check out our sermons here. The sermon is about 40 minutes.

Have anything for kids?

Yep! If you have kids (infants-5th grade), you can check them in to our Children’s Ministry, R-Kids. We have a team of trained, background-checked volunteers who teach creative, age-appropriate lessons. Registration is quick and easy, just stop by our Check In desk! Find out more about R-Kids here.

How long is a worship service?

Our entire service is just over an hour. We aim to start on time, begin our worship with a couple songs, preach, and then respond in singing again.

Will I be called out?

No – if you’re visiting, don’t worry that we’re going to call you out and ask you to stand or anything. You may have some friendly people introduce themselves to you, but you won’t have a spotlight shined on you, and you can check things out without any pressure.

How can I connect with people?

If you’re visiting, we’d love to know you were here. Please fill out a Connect Card and drop it in one of our offering boxes and we’ll reach out to you, or you can stop by our Connect Desk to talk with one of our helpful volunteers.

Don’t forget your free gift!

If you don’t have a Bible of your own, we’d love to give you one, even if you’re not planning on coming back. We keep Bibles at our Connect Desk. Stop by after service and talk to our Connect Team to get one!