3/20/20 – Psalm 119

3/20/20 – Psalm 119

Your word is a lamp to my feet

    and a light to my path.

I have sworn an oath and confirmed it,

    to keep your righteous rules.

I am severely afflicted;

    give me life, O Lord, according to your word! – Psalm 119:105-107 ESV

It has been only been four days since New Jersey has banned meetings of 50 people or more, and a few days more since social distancing has been encouraged and schools started closing their doors. In that time, we have been bombarded with everyone’s take on COVID-19, and not just in the media.

Every doctor and their mom has something to say. Every parent on Facebook has advice to share. Some of it is wise and good, correcting bad information or encouraging good behaviors, while some of it is unhelpful, especially when it is speculation. It doesn’t help that sometimes the media races to report things first, without knowing for sure if they are true. Honestly, it feels like drowning in a sea of opinions. And many of these opinions lead to less certainty, not more.

That’s why I love to read Psalm 119, because only the words of God are able to illuminate the path in front of us and make things clearer and more certain, not less.

So much anxiety and fear comes from not knowing, and it’s entirely understandable. How long will this disease be a threat? How long will entire industries be shut down? Will my family stay healthy and be okay? Will I be okay?

We may not know the answers to some of these specific questions, but here’s what makes the Bible such a priceless treasure, and a deep comfort — through God’s Word, we can know the One who knows. We can know the one who is in control, and sovereign, who declares the end from the beginning, and who is making all things new.

And in getting to know Him, we also see that He knows us and loves us, even when we feel most abandoned and unloved.

The darkest night there ever was, the most frightening and confusing night, was the night that Jesus died. The light of the world put out on the cross. Even the sun was darkened. For three days it seemed that God’s plan had failed, and that there would be no redemption or victory.

But on the third day Jesus rose, according to the promise He had spoken. Jesus takes what appears to be a shameful defeat and transforms it into an undisputed victory, which becomes our promise for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

God’s word gives us light to see everything by. The Bible is a blazing source of light ready to bathe the world around, giving us such clarity and concrete hope that we can display wisdom and compassion, not being dismissive of this pandemic, but also not despairing.

Don’t live in the dark today. Don’t spend all your time soaking in the opinions and speculations of each person who takes the time to share them. Every new thing we read or see should be seen in light of who God is, what He is doing, and what He calls us to do. Flip on the switch, open His Word, and walk in the light.