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Serving at Revive

Revive would not be able to exist as a church if it were not for all the people who sacrifice their time and effort to make it all happen. Every person who serves on a team is, by what they do, serving Jesus and helping to advance His mission. All the teams contribute in their own way to helping people hear and respond to the good news about Jesus.

Everyone is gifted differently, but God has given each of us to help build up the body. Here are the different teams where people use their gifts in an act of faith and worship at Revive.

Cafe Team


The Cafe Team is responsible for brewing delicious coffee, preparing the Cafe area, setup, and clean up, as well as greeting everyone with a smile.

Those who serve on this team are doing more than just making coffee; they’re welcoming people and helping set the table for the gospel.




Music Team

The Music Team is responsible for preparing, rehearsing, and leading people through music in worship.

Those who serve on this team are helping to directly connect people with God through worship, and helping prepare people to receive the gospel.


Children’s Team


The Children’s Team is responsible for working with the children and parents of Revive. This team is trained for working with children and background checked.

Those who serve on this team are pouring into the lives of future generations, helping lay a gospel-foundation. They also provide a blessing for parents, giving them peace of mind to receive and grow in the gospel themselves.



Student’s Team

The Student’s Team is responsible for working with the Middle and High School students of Revive and their parents.

Those who serve on this team are laboring in the work of discipleship, seeing Christ formed in our students.



Connect Team

The Connect Team is responsible for providing a warm, welcoming environment for those who attend Revive.

Those who serve on this team help connect people to the life of the church by pointing them to their next steps.



Prayer Team

The Prayer Team is responsible for making themselves available to pray with people who need prayer after our services.

Those who serve on this team have a unique opportunity to minister to people who are struggling and looking for hope, bringing them directly to God in prayer.



Accounting Team

The Accounting Team is responsible for accurate accounting, processing, and documenting of offerings.

Those who serve on this team bless Revive by allowing us to make wise, accurate financial decisions, helping us carry out the ministry of the gospel.



Tech Team

The Tech Team is responsible for setup and operation of our tech systems for all events, including audio, lights, and media.

Those who serve on this team help remove distractions and stumbling blocks for people to hear and receive the gospel.



Setup Team

The Setup Team is responsible for setting up our room before services, and packing things away after.

Those who serve on this team get up early and work hard, enabling gospel ministry to happen.



Security Team

The Security Team is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the people who attend Revive, including the security of our Children’s Ministry.

Those who serve on this team protect and provide peace of mind.



Creative Team


The Creative Team is responsible for creating content for use in services and on the web. This includes writing, graphic design, videos, audio, and more.

Those who serve on this team express God’s creativity in finding new and compelling ways to communicate God’s truth.