Church Bulletin

Church Bulletin

What’s New At Revive Church?

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Revive Connect – 11/27

If you are new (or new-ish) to Revive? Time to connect! Right after our Sunday worship service on November 27th you are invited to hang out, meet some people, and enjoy some free food. From 11:30 – 1:00 at 54A Center Ave in Morristown (the home of one of our elders). Please let us know you are planning to attend by registering here.

Revive Cookie Exchange – 12/16

All the info is up in that nicely made picture right there. If you love cookies (and who doesn’t?) and want to spend some time with your friends from church, please let us know you plan on attending by registering here.

Giving Update

For the month of October:

Giving – $11,567.66

Target – $16,000

Because we are still being established, we currently receive support from Emergence that helps makes up the difference between our giving and our need

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